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Diablo Precision, Inc.
The new Diablo Precision website takes visitors on a tour of its Hollister, CA machine shop, showcasing its high-quality machined parts, made in America. To their credit, they are one of the few "green" machine shops. Customers include major manufacturers, and the defense, medical, and semiconductor industries.
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    • Business Hosting Main

      Cloud Computing Services from PlanetMagpie: Enterprise-Grade Cloud Hosting in a Local Bay Area Datacenter

      Private Cloud Service
      Run your company's entire server setup off-site! No expensive servers to buy, essential services (files, printers, phones) accessible anywhere, and no backup worries. A completely customizable platform for saving on essential IT.  Run any of these servers, and more, in your private cloud:
      • Hosted Windows Server 2012
      • Hosted Exchange Server 2013
      • Hosted Lync Server 2013
      • Hosted SharePoint 2013
      • Hosted ERP

      Hosted Exchange 2010/2013
      Moving to Hosted Exchange 2010/2013 lets you skip the upgrade process. Take advantage of live mailbox moves, automatic email backup, and Unified Communications integration. All with no risk to your current network setup. Our Exchange 2013 Cloud package gives you your own cloud servers for data protection.

      Web Hosting Options

      Sitefinity CMS Hosting
      Looking to host a Sitefinity CMS website?  Host version 3.7 and up on PlanetMagpie's top-of-the-line Web and database servers.

      MIVA Ecommerce Hosting
      We have several solutions for e-commerce hosting, including dedicated server hosting.

      Website Hosting
      PlanetMagpie provides our customers with the Bay Area's best web hosting.  A high-speed backbone connection. Powerful, reliable IBM enterprise-grade servers. Secure housing in a controlled environment. Domain name hosting. And 24-hour support.  Keep your website running fast with "live" hosting support.

      Database Hosting
      Host your Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases at PlanetMagpie, and get high performance with nightly backups.  Use PlanetMagpie DBAs for performance tuning and emergency support.

      Collocation Hosting
      PlanetMagpie provides collocation hosting services to any size business. Collocation is one of the most cost-effective methods to ensure continuous site operation.

      Email Hosting
      Hosting with PlanetMagpie provides you with server side SPAM filter services and server side antivirus screening.

      modusGate Email Filtering
      Protect your email users from dangerous phishing scams and DoS attacks by using an email filter.  We use Vircom's modusGate and modusMail filtering gateways to safeguard client emails.

      Contact PlanetMagpie to ask for specifics on any of these cloud services.
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