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ASP.NET Web Development – The Secure Way to Build 21st-Century Websites

What is ASP.NET?

It's a framework that web developers can use to build websites and web services.
It's more advanced than standard HTML because it allows those sites/services to be dynamic – they interact with the visitor.

You've likely used an ASP.NET webpage when you did one of the following:
  • Entered data into an online form
  • Bought a product on the Web
  • Logged into a company's website and seen it change to your preferences
  • Used a web service's "secure area"
ASP.NET works by allowing the developer to write code within the .NET architecture. This makes programming easier, since they don't have to reinvent the wheel for every site.

Plus, it lets you take advantage of changing behaviors on the Web. ASP.NET is updated regularly by Microsoft and contributing developers (like us!). A new type of Web service comes out? Chances are you can do it in ASP.NET.

The Advantages of Building Websites Using ASP.NET

On top of this flexibility, ASP.NET-based websites hold several more advantages over standard HTML websites.
  1. E-Commerce Functionality
    Building in the capability to sell directly from your website can be done in almost any programming language (thanks to e-commerce apps like MIVA Merchant). However, ASP.NET websites are the best choice.

    Why the best? Because of their security.

    Open-source Web programming languages like PHP can be quite flexible. But their inherent security issues leave a lot to be desired. (PHP alone has shown serious flaws every year of its use.)

    The ASP.NET framework was built as a secure foundation to every website and web app you make with it. By separating programming from content, and working inside its own architecture on a web server, it throws up multiple barriers to anything (or anyone) trying to get in.

  2. It's Auto-Correcting
    Web servers hosting ASP.NET-based websites monitor the site's pages for problems. If one comes up, the page is auto-reloaded from the server to correct it.

  3. There's an ASP.NET CMS Out There
    Sitefinity, our recommended CMS option, is built entirely in ASP.NET. This saves us a lot of time, since most of the standard parts of a website are already built!

  4. Support from PlanetMagpie
    The final reason we recommend ASP.NET is our ability to support it. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have access to exclusive support resources direct from Microsoft. If there's a problem with a client's .NET-based website – whether we developed it or not – we can find the solution fast.

Why Come to PlanetMagpie for ASP.NET Website Development

Expertise in ASP.NET. It may seem obvious, but PlanetMagpie developers have worked with ASP.NET since its creation.

The CMS Option. Using Sitefinity CMS isn't a requirement if you want an ASP.NET-based website, but when you see its rich feature set, you will be hard-pressed to find a reason not to want it! Anything that Sitefinity can’t do out of box, we can custom develop for you in ASP.NET.

We Can Host ASP.NET Websites Locally. ASP.NET is a Microsoft-based development platform. Accordingly, it works best when hosted on a Microsoft server. Our datacenter, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, hosts all our clients' websites on Microsoft servers.

Curious about using ASP.NET on your website? Call PlanetMagpie at 510-344-1200. Ask us questions! We're happy to answer. (And there's no obligation.)
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