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Reshore Your IT!

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Put a "Reshore Your IT" Bumper Sticker on Your Car - Free from PlanetMagpie

Do you want more white-collar jobs in the U.S.? Support the Reshoring of IT!

The United States has lost millions of jobs over the past two decades due to the offshoring of IT services and manufacturing. Shipping software development and support to India, device manufacturing in China...even giants like Google and Facebook bypass American workers in favor of overseas workers on H1B visas.

PlanetMagpie fully supports American IT for American businesses.

Why? Read our White Paper: The Argument for ReShoring American IT: The Risks of Outsourcing Offshore, and Why IT ReShoring is Growing. The paper is a 40,000 foot view of offshoring, and all of its unintended consequences. Take for instance:
  • Its effects on the U.S. economy—over 1.5M middle-class American IT jobs lost to Asia (not including manufacturing)
  • Intellectual property—cybercriminals stealing American company trade secrets, R&D, customer data, source code
  • America's IT talent pool—reduced and falling behind, while developers & engineers in other countries get cutting edge R&D experience on American company projects
  • National security—with a weakened IT talent pool, how do we defend ourselves against cyber-warfare and protect our nation’s critical infrastructure?
PlanetMagpie is a fervent supporter of the Reshoring trend (bringing manufacturing and IT services back to the U.S.).

Join us - with a "Reshore Your IT" bumper sticker!

Reshore Your IT Bumper Sticker

Yes, the bumper stickers are Made in America.

To request your FREE "Reshore Your IT" bumper sticker, email us at and we'll mail it right out!

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You'll also get articles on smarter use of IT, security warnings, website development ideas, and more.

Thank you for supporting American IT!

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