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From Our IT Consultants: 5 Reasons Microsoft Bought LinkedIn (and What the Acquisition Means for Businesses Who Use It)
From Our Network Support Technicians: Windows Server 2016 Coming Soon! Should You Prepare?
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7/04/2016 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Now that Microsoft has acquired LinkedIn, what changes should we expect? LinkedIn News in Office 365? Cortana with full access to your LinkedIn profile (and everyone else's)? In this month's WOOF! we address the reasons for the acquisition, and the potential risks to user privacy they create.
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5/31/2016 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
"Sold Out" details the H-1B fraud damaging the U.S. economy. It names the bureaucrats and corporate insiders profiting from visa abuse, and documents the tricks they use. We present a book review in this month's WOOF!.
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4/28/2016 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
We interview Thomas Reed, Malwarebytes' Director of Mac Offerings, about the state of malware on the Mac & mobile platforms. He says that adware was about the worst Mac users had to deal with for a while...but it's getting worse.
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3/28/2016 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
We interview Adam Kujawa, Head of Malwarebytes Intelligence, on the growing dangers of ransomware. He urges everyone to take it seriously. Ransomware doesn't target targets you.
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2/23/2016 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Video surveillance has become "smart." Now you can watch your building for your phone, record video in HD, store footage on your servers instead of tapes, and more. In this WOOF! issue we look at the video surveillance's advancements, and what they can do to protect your business.
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1/25/2016 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
The next version of Windows Server will release this year. With all the new capabilities - new virtualization tools, easier upgrade process - we recommend you start preparing now.
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12/17/2015 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
2015 saw tremendous technology changes, both for good (new software, cloud services, cybersecurity) and bad (malware, data breaches). In our December WOOF! we're highlighting 9 of those technology changes for which we're thankful - like the new Skype for Business, iOS 9, ransomware defenses and more.
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11/24/2015 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
As technology evolves, so do cybersecurity threats. Research indicates that not only are threats like ransomware and integrity attacks evolving, but new threats are on the horizon. Here's what to expect, and some advice on how you can stay on-guard.
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10/23/2015 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
If your IT manager had an accident, could someone else do their job? They can if you document your critical IT processes. Read about how to document the mission-critical IT, and why you must do so before anything happens.
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9/17/2015 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Is a bathroom a good place to put a server? Not at all. Yet some businesses place servers in downright toxic environments. In this month's WOOF! we discuss examples of "Bad Ideas" for server conditions, and the risks to watch out for.
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8/06/2015 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Buying new IT hardware costs a lot up front. What if you could cut that cost down - by leasing the hardware instead? In this month's WOOF! we ask a leasing agency about the pros & cons of leasing IT hardware.
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7/15/2015 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Windows 10 launches July 29. Coming to a Windows 7 or 8.1 PC/tablet near you. In this WOOF! article we talk about the six Windows 10 versions (or Editions), what features to look forward to in each, and which version you'll get.
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6/03/2015 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Using free Wi-Fi at the coffee shop, hotels & airport is convenient. It's also a huge security risk. You could have data stolen right off your computer in a matter of minutes, and you'd never know it. These are the dangers lurking on public Wi-Fi networks, and how you can protect yourself.
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5/07/2015 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Skype for Business 2015 is replacing Lync Server 2013. A new client look & feel, Skype connectivity, and new calling features for users. But what's Microsoft's goal with the new version? Every communications tool you'd need, no matter where you are.
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4/08/2015 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Hillary Clinton used personal email while Secretary of State. Exposing her office to theft, spying and legal trouble--risks that can affect your business as well, if anyone in the office uses a personal email account for work purposes. Read about these risks, and 7 things you can do to prevent them.
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2/03/2015 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
A frequent question we get is, "Should we use a template for our new site?" While website templates are easy to work with, they suffer from serioues issues. One being that they make your business look like a thousand others! Here in WOOF! we make the case for custom web design. We talk about "what you see" - your branding, content and user experience.
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11/19/2014 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
When was the last time you changed your passwords at work? If you aren't sure when, you need to read this month's WOOF. Using multiple passwords, and changing them frequently, is one of the most important - and least used - IT security practices.
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10/02/2014 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Hundreds of cyberattacks are taking place right now. Most target datacenters, particularly in the U.S., after private data. But datacenters aren't the only target of attackers--power grids are also at risk. And the U.S. electrical grid is vulnerable.
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9/03/2014 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
IT Support is necessary, for computers and for network operations. But that doesn't meanyou have to pay high support costs. In fact, there's a lot of ways to reduce your support costs with simple practices. Here are 16 examples, direct from our own Support Team.
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7/28/2014 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Facebook manipulates its users' emotions. It and other social media networks drain away employees' time. And malware is flooding in. What can we do to curb social media use in the office?
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