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From Our IT Consultants: Hardware/Software Leasing: When Does It Make Sense?
From Our Network Support Technicians: What You Need to Know About Windows 10
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8/06/2015 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Buying new IT hardware costs a lot up front. What if you could cut that cost down - by leasing the hardware instead? In this month's WOOF! we ask a leasing agency about the pros & cons of leasing IT hardware.
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7/15/2015 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Windows 10 launches July 29. Coming to a Windows 7 or 8.1 PC/tablet near you. In this WOOF! article we talk about the six Windows 10 versions (or Editions), what features to look forward to in each, and which version you'll get.
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6/03/2015 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Using free Wi-Fi at the coffee shop, hotels & airport is convenient. It's also a huge security risk. You could have data stolen right off your computer in a matter of minutes, and you'd never know it. These are the dangers lurking on public Wi-Fi networks, and how you can protect yourself.
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5/07/2015 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Skype for Business 2015 is replacing Lync Server 2013. A new client look & feel, Skype connectivity, and new calling features for users. But what's Microsoft's goal with the new version? Every communications tool you'd need, no matter where you are.
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4/08/2015 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Hillary Clinton used personal email while Secretary of State. Exposing her office to theft, spying and legal trouble--risks that can affect your business as well, if anyone in the office uses a personal email account for work purposes. Read about these risks, and 7 things you can do to prevent them.
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2/03/2015 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
A frequent question we get is, "Should we use a template for our new site?" While website templates are easy to work with, they suffer from serioues issues. One being that they make your business look like a thousand others! Here in WOOF! we make the case for custom web design. We talk about "what you see" - your branding, content and user experience.
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11/19/2014 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
When was the last time you changed your passwords at work? If you aren't sure when, you need to read this month's WOOF. Using multiple passwords, and changing them frequently, is one of the most important - and least used - IT security practices.
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10/02/2014 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Hundreds of cyberattacks are taking place right now. Most target datacenters, particularly in the U.S., after private data. But datacenters aren't the only target of attackers--power grids are also at risk. And the U.S. electrical grid is vulnerable.
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9/03/2014 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
IT Support is necessary, for computers and for network operations. But that doesn't meanyou have to pay high support costs. In fact, there's a lot of ways to reduce your support costs with simple practices. Here are 16 examples, direct from our own Support Team.
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7/28/2014 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Facebook manipulates its users' emotions. It and other social media networks drain away employees' time. And malware is flooding in. What can we do to curb social media use in the office?
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6/30/2014 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Where do your computers come from? Your servers? Wireless? Where a piece of hardware is made, and who makes it, is more important to your business' operations and security than you might think.
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5/30/2014 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Should the Internet be open (Net Neutrality) or closed (paid priority)? Most Web users are on the side of Net Neutrality...but if we look closer, we'll see that the issue is not so black-and-white. This WOOF examines the possible consequences of both classifications, and what the future may hold.
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5/01/2014 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
ICANN, the organization responsible for the "roots" of the Internet, is looking for a new oversight body. The U.S. has decided to transition ICANN to a more global governance. Does this move risk the Internet's safety? What sort of issues could result? We tackle those questions in this month's WOOF.
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3/25/2014 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
If you're a healthcare organization (and thus subject to HIPAA regulations), it's said that using Windows XP after the April 8 deadline will immediately push you out of HIPAA compliance. Is this really true? There are situations where it is. Read this month's WOOF to find out what you can (and should) do about it.
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2/26/2014 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Ever wondered why people use email service providers like Constant Contact? It's because sending out hundreds of emails through your company's Exchange Server is dangerous. It can even prevent your entire organization from sending ANY emails. Read about how, and what you should do the next time you want to email a bunch of customers at once, in this month's WOOF.
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1/16/2014 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Many startups use public cloud services like Google Apps and Amazon to get started fast. But these services pose a serious security risk for a startup's new intellectual property. There's a smarter way to start.
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12/04/2013 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Do you use video in your online marketing? If not, 2014 is the time to start. Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the Web - and more affordable to make than ever. This month's WOOF examines video's widespread influence, why it works so well in business, and how you can start making videos.
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10/31/2013 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
Are you archiving all emails, instant messages and blog posts into your regular backups? Could you find a specific email if needed? The California Electronic Discovery Act says you must be able to do so. Here's what the Act is about, and how you can stay in compliance.
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9/30/2013 - PlanetMagpie, WOOF! Article
What's the harm in employees using personal email for work purposes? Plenty, in fact: privacy violations, falling out of legal compliance, potential for data theft and other risks. This WOOF article documents those risks, and gives advice on how to stop employees from using personal email at work.
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9/04/2013 - PlanetMagpie, Press Release
Telerik has won a 2013 Stevie Award for its Sitefinity 6.1 Content Management System. It won the People's Choice Award (20,000 people voting) for Favorite Content Management solution, beating out 2 enterprise competitors.
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