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From Our IT Consultants: Introducing Skype for Business: Microsoft’s Universal Communications Platform
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PlanetMagpie's Complete IT Start-Up Services
Utilize the one-and-only company that can provide your new company with ALL of its IT, telecom, and web needs. We'll get you off the ground fast with the most reliable and extensible hardware and software systems. Microsoft's cutting edge telecom solution Lync and an award-winning identity campaign and website. READ MORE »
Domain Name Snatched Up After You Checked Its Availability? Here’s Why It Happens.
Magpie, Tech Tip

Ever searched for a domain name to buy, then come back later & found it had been claimed by someone else? There's a name for this practice - Domain Name Front Running. Here's the details on what it is, why it happens, and how to avoid losing domains to it. read more »

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Move In and Get Down to Business:  PlanetMagpie's Launchpad for Startups

If you're a startup who wants to focus on getting your product to market and not on day-to-day office operations, we have the solution for you.

Launchpad is more than just office space. It's a ready-to-work space. It includes:

  • 1,910 square feet of furnished private office space with 9 wired workstations
  • A conference room for team collaboration
  • Utilities, phones, Internet access, security, and janitorial services
  • Bundled cloud services—your complete IT infrastructure hosted on a private cloud that you can plug into from anywhere
  • Network and desktop support from PlanetMagpie's Microsoft Gold Certified engineers—right next door!
PlanetMagpie's Launchpad space is located at 2766 Bayview Drive in Fremont, CA – the #1 city in the U.S. for tech startups to grow. More affordable than San Francisco, San Jose or Mountain View (but close enough to get the word out all across Silicon Valley!).

Fremont is expanding its Innovation District and welcoming in new business around the new Warm Springs BART Station (coming soon). Take the Launchpad space and you'll be right in the center of Fremont Innovation!

The Role of Cities in Cultivating Silicon Valley Innovation - Silicon Valley East (Fremont)

Download the Launchpad Datasheet for a full run-down of services and features. (Launchpad is available with or without IT services.)

Download Launchpad Datasheet

Available for lease now! Call PlanetMagpie IT Consulting at 510-344-1200 for a Launchpad site visit.

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