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Forefront UAG 2010

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Forefront UAG: Secure Remote Access. Anywhere.

Forefront UAG (Unified Access Gateway) 2010 provides remote access to employees, partners and vendors. Access corporate resources (files, messages, collaboration tools) securely, from any location.

For corporate security to stay effective, it must adapt itself to the endless barrage of new threats online. Security software must stay up-to-date with automated patches. And it must be fully capable of remediation if an attack occurs.

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The most reliable security, then, is one that integrates completely with servers, network connections AND desktops.

Advantages of Using Forefront Unified Access Gateway for Security

  • UAG hooks directly into Windows 7 PCs and Microsoft servers. Both are protected. No other corporate security package can integrate to the same level.
  • Connect to the network no matter where you are (even via smartphones).
  • Access SharePoint, Exchange, CRM, even Lync Server.
  • UAG provides a simple sign-in process. Connection security is handled at the server.
  • Windows 7 computers can use built-in DirectAccess for secure access to files and resources.
  • Protect the network with configurations and access policies for groups of users.
  • Second level authentication is also supported.
Forefront Unified Access Gateway contains the most advanced feature set for a corporate remote access product. Using UAG, your network is prepared for the next attack before it arrives.

UAG 2010 Features List

  • Anywhere Access
  • Multiple Connectivity Options (SSL VPN, DirectAccess)
  • Integrated Security, Multiple Levels
  • SSL VPN/DirectAccess Options for Windows 7 PCs
  • Secure VPN Access for Vista/XP computers, non-Windows clients, smartphones
  • Facilitates IPv4 and IPv6 inter-network communication
  • Authentication for managed and non-managed PCs
  • Management done through a single administrative platform

Trust PlanetMagpie for UAG Implementation

  1. PlanetMagpie provides hardware setup, software implementation, configuration and support for Forefront UAG 2010.
  2. On-site support for customers in the San Francisco Bay Area; remote support options for California and US customers.
  3. Local and Managed Services implementation options.
  4. Packages Available – Bundle UAG protection with Windows Server 2012 R2, SharePoint, or Exchange 2013.

Call PlanetMagpie to See UAG 2010 in Action

If you're interested in a demonstration or want to discuss implementing the Forefront Unified Access Gateway in your office, call PlanetMagpie IT Consulting at 510-344-1200 and ask about UAG 2010.
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