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Email Hosting Support

Support for email servers needs extra caution. After all, these servers contain & send thousands of critical messages every day. When they slow down or fail, they could take your whole business with them.

Repairing Exchange Servers isn't complicated. But because of their importance, it can be delicate at times. That's why PlanetMagpie's Email Hosting Support always takes care to inform clients of what we're doing for their repairs, and what's involved.

Two Support Areas

PlanetMagpie Email Hosting Support is concentrated in two major areas: In-House Hosting Support for those of you with your own internal email servers; and Hosted Exchange Support for PlanetMagpie clients running Exchange 2013 through our datacenter.

Obviously, since Hosted Exchange is based in our San Jose datacenter, Email Support there occurs immediately. We refer to this as "primary support." (Ask for it if you're a Hosted Exchange client. If you're not one yet, here's the Hosted Exchange page.)

How (and Why) We Support Email Servers

What's covered by PlanetMagpie's Email Hosting Support?
  • Repairing Failed Exchange Servers
  • Verifying Backups
  • Fixing Email Slowdowns/Disruptions
  • Correcting Outlook 2010/2013 Failures
  • Cleaning Out Spam/Virus Infections
The value of Email Hosting Support is obvious – not losing all the emails still stored on your Exchange server. We will do everything possible to avoid losing or damaging your email.

On that note, these are email-related technologies we use. And we recommend them to clients to help protect their own email:
  • modusGate – A firewall designed specifically to scan email, sort by threat level, & quarantine any dangerous emails received by the server.
  • modusMail – For larger organizations, a modusMail server provides multi-layered security & email management. Features include greylisting, encryption support, SMTP security, etc.
  • Active Directory – Permissions-based security.
  • Antivirus and anti-spam solutions (hardware-based spam firewalls, for example).
Call PlanetMagpie Support at 510-344-1203 if you're having any email trouble. It may be nothing. Or you could be about to lose every message on your Exchange server.

Looking for an upgrade to Exchange 2013? Visit our Exchange Server page.
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