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Mozilla Thunderbird Setup

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Email Settings: Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5 for Windows

Getting Started with Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Click Tools, from the pull down menu and select Accounts Settings
  3. Click Add Account.

    Thunderbird 1
  4. Select "E-mail Account" and click Next

    Thunderbird 2
  5. Enter in your name and e-mail address in the desired fields; and click Next

    Thunderbird 3

Configure Mozilla Thunderbird for POP and SMTP

  1. Bullet "POP" under Select the type of incoming server you are using
  2. Type in your Server Information:
    • The incoming mail server is
    • The outgoing mail server is
  3. Check "Use Global Inbox (store mail in Local Folders)" and click Next

    Thunderbird 4

Configure Mozilla Thunderbird for Windows to retrieve your PlanetMagpie Email

  1. Enter in your e-mail address for both the Incoming and Outgoing User Name; and click Next

    Thunderbird 5
  2. Enter in an account name, or leave it as your e-mail address; and click Next

    Thunderbird 6
  3. Review the account information; and click Finish
  4. Click OK

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